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Auto Responder System


Auto Responder System

What business will be best for anyone to invest into like the business that over 1 trillion of dollars has been spent on with billion of people in desperate and frequent need of the service? Will you rather invest into such a business or risk your money by investing in a business with low resources and meager revenue?

I am talking of information communication technology business where an investment in a single and even considered small sector of it can make you rich overnight. Do you know that;

Over 1 Trillion dollars have been spent on cell phone infrastructure.

There are over 5 billion cell phones world-wide.

Over 100 million Nigerians have connected mobile phones lines.

Over 86% of Americans own a cell phone.

Over 1000 million people are frequent text users.

Over 93% of text messages are opened.

Over 80% of texts are opened within 1 Hour.

Over 2.5 Trillion text messages sent last year.

Over 100,000 texts are sent every second.

The above statistics is to show you how huge the opportunity in the business I am about to show you is. And did you know several businesses either small or big have budgets for advertisement and promotions which are often time substantial since they know that the progress of their business lies on it. This is where the business Magic Responder comes in. it is a phone/e-mail auto responder system. With this system you will be able to provide unique advertisement and promotional services for business, companies, government Parastatal, non-profit organizations, churches, politicians, traditional kingdoms and even individuals using the widely used mobile phone, email and web to reach the targeted audience in awesome manner that does not require effort.

This invariably turns you to become a player in the great information and communication Technology sector giving you opportunity to take your share of the trillion dollars industry.

The term auto responder is often used by internet and online marketers. Auto responder is a system that makes it possible for someone to receive automatic email, when the person subscribes to a service by filling a form online or by sending a blank email to a given email address.

For example auto responder can be used to deliver newsletter regularly to a subscribers email address or to promote products and services to the subscriber. This is done effortlessly because the person that setup the auto responder does not necessarily need to manually send the message. Most of the time the messages are preset and delivered to all the people that subscribe to the auto responder service.

But Digisoft auto responder takes the service to another dimension from the traditional email only type of auto responder system by providing double advantage system for users to build list of customers with web form and mobile phone since mobile phone are easily accessible to several persons than email or web form. Auto responder also has the ability to automatically and instantly send message to subscribes email address and mobile phones at the same time as they are subscribing for the service.

The system saves the subscribers list securely and frequently gets in touch with the subscribers at any time via their contact email addresses and mobile phones whether by instant broadcasting or presetting his message. Powered by Digisoft Nigeria®. Contact us for this service.


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